Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ask the Hixx

Guess what?

It's Tuesday!

Ask the Hixx!

Having trouble with your in laws? Ask the Hixx!

Want to ask why Gmail is down? Ask the Hixx!

Want to know how to bike to the Botanic Gardens? Ask the Hixx!

Want to know why my life is driving me crazy lately? Ask the Hixx!

Ask me whatever you want! Anything at all. I'm not even embarassed.

C'mon, you know you wanna.


Crescent said...

would you eat a teaspoon of people poop for 100,000.00?

wafelenbak said...

As a dog owner, how do you feel about leash laws in Chicago being enforced? Tyrranical, or to be expected?

Jill said...

I read recently that Jill Biden is the first Second Lady to continue to hold a job. Is she also the first with the title "Dr." (PhD or M.D.)?

- From Jill, improviser, friend of Elisabeth's and occasional lurker

Anonymous said...

Cresent your question to Margaret should read "would you eat a teaspoon of people poop AGAIN for 100,000.00?"


rachelleb said...

Question to the Hixx: When you sell books on Half.com do you get the selling price + shipping? Does Half just pay you the shipping amt? Or the approved shipping amt? I can't figure out how Half.com makes any money off this. I just made my first listing.