Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ask the Hixx - REVEALED

Firstly offy, I apologize for taking so long to get to the questions. Yesterday was a busy day for the Hixx!

Because of this review in Time Out (yay!):

And I also got myself a part-time job doing social media work. I'm really excited, it's a small company and they want to start off slowly, which is great. I certainly know the basics and can help them a lot, but I can learn while they do, which is awesome. I'm very pleased.

So, enough about me, lets get on with the music!

From Crescent:

would you eat a teaspoon of people poop for 100,000.00?

A: You know, a year ago, that would be a definite no. But with all the money struggles of the past year, I really think I would. I think I would so much that I wish you were actually offering that to me. So my answer is hell yes I would. One question, could it be my own poop?

From Waflenbak:

As a dog owner, how do you feel about leash laws in Chicago being enforced? Tyrranical, or to be expected?

A: I am totally cool with the leash laws. This is city living folks, and when you live in a city, you have 7 million other people to live with. I know some people are scared of Remo and I try to make people feel confident with the way we're walking, that Remo is not going to hurt them. Looking up the leash laws, I read some story of a lady who said her dog would not "bathroom" on the leash. That's bullshit...or dogshit, figure out lady who lives in the city. We're not on the farms of Indiana for petes sakes. Leash your dog, protect your dog, protect the people around you and do your damn best to make sure the neighborhood is comfortable for everyone.

From Jill (hello Jill!):

I read recently that Jill Biden is the first Second Lady to continue to hold a job. Is she also the first with the title "Dr." (PhD or M.D.)?

A: Yay Jill! An interesting question that I actually had to look up! Everyone learns here at Ask the Hixx. Lynne Cheney holds a doctorate in English. From what I can tell that seems to be the only one, but I had to stop looking because the articles about Dr. Biden were so horribly mean I got so mad I had to go bang my head against Muffy for a minute.

From Rachelle:

When you sell books on do you get the selling price + shipping? Does Half just pay you the shipping amt? Or the approved shipping amt?

A: The way I understand it is, will reimburse you for the standard shipping amount, if for some reason it costs you more to mail your item, then you eat that. So I pay the shipping out of my own account, but when they pay me for my sales, they include the rebate for shipping in that deposit. does take a commission from whatever you sell:

$50.01 - 15%

$50.01 - $100.00 - 12.5%

$100.01 - $250.00 - 10.0%

$250.01 - $500.00 - 7.5%

$500.00 - 5.0%

If there was any real overage or shortage from, it was pennies. (I really did type "it was penis" right there, hee. I'm five.) I was pleased as punch with and they even figured out a dispute in my favor! It's easy and simple and I recommend everyone do it! We need to get back on, we took a "vacation" from when we moved and I have to reorganize my seller's list. But yay!

Thank you all for another lovely edition of Ask the Hixx. Now, where's my 100K?


Rachelle said...

dang! I didn't know about the commission.. but I guess it's not much and it's better than having these books laying around. Thanks for taking my question. I feel special now!

Jennifer said...

i also am working to do more social media work!!

and i feel the same about the leash laws.

nice the nice.

great article, btw.

you know who this is, ms. VIS,

Crescent said...

I'm sorry but I'd have to lower the price a bit if it's your own poop. I would offer $75,000 for your own poop but the standard $100,000 dollars for a friend's. Of course you will be allowed to choose the friend. Might I suggest a vegan?

alcott said...

i know its not tuesday. you dont have to answer till tuesday. but here is my early question submission. cuz i am beginning to get a bit annoyed and flabbergasted and confused.
why oh why are so many (apparently) folks turning against obama???? am i missing something here??? hasnt almost every single newly elected president, attempted health care reform in their first year in office??? why are town halls held with sooo much anger and irrational fear?? WHAT IS GOING ON??!!
i still think he is one of the smartest prezs we have had. he is a every sense of the word.
im reaaly getting creeped out by all this. i feel as if i am truly missing something. help.

ok. there it is. my question for next tuesday. file it.

Hixx said...

Alcott, future question is filed!

Oh Jennifer...that cracks me up.