Monday, August 31, 2009

My bike

What a glorious weekend.

As I mentioned, Sabrina came to get me on Saturday and our friend Jenna was coming too. We had breakfast and then all excited, we got ready for our bike ride to the gardens. At least a 40 mile ride there and back. Jenna was on her cruiser, Sabrina was on her new bike Hank, and I had my trusty Pretty. Off we went.

we had to go west on lawrence to elston then elston to devon. I was a little worried for us at first, it was damn windy on saturday and every pedal revolution was impossible. we were all scared this was basically what the rest of the trip was going to be like.

We finally make it to the start of the trail and immediately we're all happy. The trail goes right through a forest preserve and we were indeed in a forest. Huge trees, deer, hawks, lagoons, everything you could wish for. The path was smooth and flat (except for a couple of evil overpass hills) and there really was hardly anyone there. We all did pretty well on the way there, we may have passed right by the entrance to the Gardens and had to go back around...we may have done that, but it was just so freaking beautiful.

We took a couple of breaks but really not many, we were just happy to be on our bikes. The Botanic Gardens are peaceful and lovely and FREE and romantic and smelly and delicious. We walked around and sat on peaceful benches and got funny flower smells on our hands, we looked at Bonsai trees and tried to sneak into a wedding. And then we made our way home, maybe a bit slower this time but still so appreciative of everything around us, silent and quiet and so so green.

we were pretty tired by the time we got back, each of us just wanting to get off the bike. We then went for a few beers and a cheeseburger. That was one well-earned cheeseburger.

I can't say enough about this day, we city people forget sometimes I think, just how important it is to breathe clean oxygen, to smell woods, to see deer not 3 feet away from you, to smell flowers, to be on a bike for 8 hours, to laugh, to not have a time deadline, to have the whole day to ride and smell and giggle.

And again, besides the few granola bars we had, this day was FREE.

The next day I was going to moms, I usally ride if I have the time, it's about an 8 mile trip. I was sure I wasn't going to be able to do it, that it was all just too much, but first thing Sunday, looking out the window at the sparkling day, I got right back on my bike and rode to Evanston. Then back from Evanston right to 2nd City where I gave a fine tour and then back home on the bike, finishing off my day with cheap and delicious Thai food with my handsome husband.

More of this kind of thing for me, we don't need money to live a pleasing life, we need exercise and trees and flowers and friends. Whole days of them.


wafelenbak said...

Yeah. :) I freakin' love the Botanic Gardens.

rebar said...

I'll second that Yay!