Sunday, September 06, 2009

Laboring? Not so much!

It's so weird, this weekend is so relaxed and easy, I feel like it's the first real weekend of summer, that sucks for me, because well, it's really the last weekend of summer. But at least I'm doing it up!

Friday I met with my new boss and we went over the things she needs and the things I need to start my new social media job. It was a great meeting and I can't wait to get started, that's a good sign. THEMS was Friday night and it was HILARIOUS. Oh my god these guys are so funny. They've really settled into their characters and I'm just so impressed that John and Ross created something so weird and strange and original, THEMS just gets better and better. Afterwards Sabrina and I went for late night grilled cheeses at the Pick Me Up, which was dumb (we had fun, but late night grilled cheeses are DUMB) but provided me for some weird carb loading because I had my longest run of the season on Saturday, flying on cheese and carbs.

Last night we went to a bbq and played Apples to Apples, I know I'm a bit behind and this game was all the rage a year ago, but hell yes, is this a fun game. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and it was just nice to hang with friends, somewhere CHEAP and laugh and play and eat.

Today I visited mom and had a nice talk with her and Im off in a few minutes to give an oversold tour, 25 people, think I can't handle it? I can. It's gonna be great. Just have to do a bit of wrangling. Tonight we go see The Time Travelers Wife and tomorrow I'm going to putter and work and putter and clean and putter and watch the last two Dexters and putter and get chinese food and putter and watch The Tudors and putter and go to bed.

I'm just so pleased with the cheapness vs. fun had this weekend. We've spent so little money and just had a truly wonderful time. I'm going to miss you summer.

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