Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Complaining

I know I know, already we're all thinking, this is going to be a blog post wherein Hixx complains about complaining.

And it might be, but I hope it isn't.

I've been noticing a lot lately that there is a ton of complaining going on. The main one being "I'm so tired." Yes, I have noticed it in other people, but also in myself. Of course one person saying "I'm so tired" is a surefire way to make sure the person they're talking to say "I'm so tired too."

Is this age creeping up on me? I don't remember being so aware of this before and it's just everywhere I look. And the truth is, I AM tired! And I'm sure the other people are tired too. We're all tired, cause we're all getting old.

But I'm going to stop talking about how tired I am and stop trying to one up people with how tired I am. "Oh, you think you're tired..."

I sleep dude, I sleep a lot, I sleep a solid 8 hours almost every night. There is no reason on earth I should be tired. Granted, I'm busy and that's nice and going to bed tired is a great thing. But what is it? Do we want someone to take care of us? Do we just want someone to know that our lives can be hard and we just want to rest? Do we all just need to take care of each other a little more so that we're not all expressing our angst all the time?

I don't know.

But guess what.

I'm so tired.


Mental P Mama said...

Ummm. I was tired once. 18 years ago. That tired stuff is going to college this week. Both of them;)

rebar said...

Last night I couldn't sleep (I DREAM about 8 hours...hell, I'd settle for a full 6), normally, I'd read, but my brain wouldn't settle on the page.

So I went in search of some mindrot on the intertubes and found this:

There is something about folks dancing in public places (where dancing normally does not occur) that fills me with a happy feeling.

I must have been short on happy, because I stayed up waaaay late watching his dance around the world.

And not that goofy silly dance that guy "Matt" does. I mean, I enjoy that to, for what it is...but this cat Davey...he's got some rhythm and some style.

As I watched him, I I remember having that energy at 20-something to embrace my utter sillyness 24/7.

And now, while I still enjoy sillyness immensely, I seem to keep it at arms length more often than not.

Because I'M TOO TIRED.

Definitely made me wonder where that girl went. The silly one.

Hixx said...

Ha! Mental P Mama, maybe you won't be tired anymore? Maybe?

And Rebar, I love those dancing things too, it makes me cry and I get blown away by the human spirit.

And I don't know where the silly girl went either, but I remember being tired even I've always been tired. I don't want to be tired! I have a show to see tonight...

Jennifer said...

you could get your thyroid level/s checked.