Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Mother of Sweet Jeebus

Well, since I last posted I've lived a whole lifetime. My goodness.


I have finished the LOTR trilogy. I just think it's neat and I admit I cried during some of the fellowship's travels. On Friday I had finished the last one and was on the train and had a very interesting discussion with two dudes, one guy who has these books memorized and was trying to tell me stuff but he was way ahead of where I was.

As soon as I got off the train the platform shook and glass fell and when I got down to the street a guy in a Ryder truck had driven under the overpass for the red line and stripped off half of the top of his truck. I felt so badly for the guy, rented truck? Hope he had insurance!

Friday night I went to THEMS and it's just so awesome. Anyone who isn't seeing it is silly.

Saturday I got ready for my lady bbq, a bunch of women from high school were coming over. One of them being my oldest friend, we've had our ins and outs in the past few years, but I've known her since I was 10, we traveled to Southeast Asia together and then it just kind of...I dunno. Her mom recently died and as deaths do,it brought us back together. So Christy came over early and we talked and talked and thent the rest of the "group" (that's what we called ourselves back at 12-13 years old) came over and we laughed and drank and ate and went all over our lives.

And of course I was just surprised and pleased at just how well we all know each other. One friend I hadn't seen since the last day of high school, and still...we all just fit right in. We know each other's secrets, we saw each other's home lives, we saw the destruction our parents did, no matter what, we know each other so fully, it's odd. And reminds me of just how important those first 15 years are, that that is how we become who we are.

Sunday I slept, my lord, and then gave a great tour. The tours continue to go very well for me, each time it changes and grows and revamps itself. I love that its a breathing thing that lives and changes, each time I find a better way to say something, or learn something new that needs to be incorporated, or if I judge that the group doesn't really care about this thing or that thing.

The people around me lately are so great at making their lives happen, things are happening for my friends and for me and its so inspiring. My friends work hard and when I see that things are going well for them after all that hard work, it makes me want to work harder. So I have some things up my sleeve for my next endeavors. I'm excited.

I started watching The Tudors and LOVE IT! Henry VIII is one of my things, you know those things you're interested in when it really has no connection to you? Those weird things that just somehow float your boat? King Henry is mine, fascinates me, I sometimes wonder if I was courtesan in another life. Oddly enough, Everest is the other thing that just fascinates me. King Henry and Everest. Kay.

So this week is about exercise and work and making sure I don't blow off any of these things just because "i'm tired" or I feel like sitting too much. It's time to move, to act, to learn, to see. It is time to create the life I seek for myself. Ain't no one gonna do it for me.

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