Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ask the Hixx - revealed!

Wow, good questions all this time around!

First question:

Q: Why does anyone like Art Brut?
A:: Well Erica, this is an interesting question. I have never even heard of Art Brut so I took a little listen. And from what I can tell, they sound like a very G-rated Sex Pistols. So maybe people who like Art Brut are really people that can't take the true punk of the Sex Pistols? I don't know, because I had to turn it off the second I turned it on really. So my other guess is people that like to listen to annoying music for the express purpose of annoying other people.

Q: Why were people arrested for wearing anti-bush t-shirts to rallies and we* will not do something about people bringing semi-automatic weapons to town halls? why won't the government do something about this?

A: Bah. Of course this is a tricky one and I'll have to answer to the best of my ability, while taking emotion out of the picture. If the state allows you to bring your sweet sweet gun to the town hall then so be it, they are lawful and within their rights to bring their sweet sweet guns. My guess as to maybe why Obama isn't falling over himself over this is because he has to make sure that people are allowed to bring their sweet sweet guns, because it is lawful. If they start fighting back about the guns, well the screaming will just get louder. And just because some dumbass is a dumbass doesn't mean he's not within the law. Obes knows this. Obes & Co are keeping their collective mouths shut. Of course any reasonable human being is not so dumb as to take their sweet sweet gun to wherever the President may be, but we're not dealing with reason, we're dealing with hot fiery emotion. Guns love hot fiery emotion, therefore, guns are allowed.

Q: I'd like to know why more folks seem to be more pissed that Favre is back in the NFL than about Michael Vick being back in the NFL. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy?

A: Because in this case, the emotion and the truth of what Vick did is so evil it's hard for people to comprehend. This is a case of true torture and pain inflicted on living things and that is just too much reality for some. They would rather assume the torture and pain is caused by Obama trying to help millions of people, so they take their guns to town halls. People generally are uncomfortable with true pain and suffering and would rather talk about the silliness that is some quarterback (who is this guy? I don't even know...Packers right?) coming back to play for a different team than deal with the real true emotion of torturing animals who truly only seek love. Way way easier to deal with fluff than truth.

Yay Ask the Hixx! Thanks everyone! This is kinda fun...


Erica said...

Good. I am glad you didn't like them either. They make me really mad.

Julia said...

The real question about Michael Vick is why he upsets people so much. I don't understand why dog fighting is reprehensible, but factory farming cows, sheep, chickens, etc. is okay.

rebar said...

What I love is the irony of (for the past two terms) of protestors - for example at the Republican convention - being put in a "free speech zone" that was basically an Orwellian cage of chain link - a veritable dog run for humans...

But, now folks can walk into a town hall meeting with a loaded gun and speak their minds.

I know the pen is mightier than the sword and that words can be weapons...and yet, in the history of man, words have yet to land you in the ER with your spleen bleeding out or your brain pan splattered on a wall.

Unlike some folks who feel that things will only change if something "happens", I do NOT want a gun to go off at one of these events. I do not not not not not not not want that to happen.

But, I really am afraid it will.

And much like a drive by, the main players, who are prepared for the circumstance, will be protected while the innocent citizen(s) get caught in the crossfire.

The choir will now take a short break.

Hixx said...

Julia, interesting point. And I think the reason people can let the factory farming go by them is because for a lot of people, that is food for them, so it's fine. It's completely hypocritical of course. But I bet people would not be as mad about Michael Vick if somehow some of us were eating those dogs.

Rebar: I think we're all sitting on edge about the guns in the town halls. It's that weird argument of "people who have guns are safer" which is such a load. But, I still hold true that if its legal in their state to do so, then they have to be allowed to bring their guns. So. weird.

smussyolay said...

my $.50:

While I have heard that a lot of the same methods are employed in factory farming – beating, electrocution, drowning – that were used by vick to get rid of his dogs, the difference is this: right or wrong, those animals are being bred for slaughter and eventual consumption. The way they are being raised and killed is terribly inhumane and I fucking hate it. But the idea is that they are to be killed for meat. Vick’s dogs were dogs. They were not supposed to be eaten. Instead, they were used as toys for grown men – made to fight one another (cows aren’t put in rings to fight to the death) in a sick and gruesome display of violence, that the men BET on. And when the dogs didn’t perform to the men’s standards, they weren’t given away or turned loose, they were tortured. I think that’s the difference between animals for food and this. It’s the mental twist that has to occur to treat a companion animal that way. Moral or not, I would think the guys in the slaughterhouses see all of that as a job. This was a means to make money on the side for a man who is/was a fucking millionaire. Disgusting.

And brett favre? People in Wisconsin (I was born and raised there and thus am a lifelong packer fan) have extreme team loyalty. He played for the packers for nearly all of his illustrious and amazing career. He really was a star and a diamond in what was sometimes a terribly rough team. But he also led the packers to a super bowl and that was glorious. Every fan dreams of their team winning a world series, a super bowl, a Stanley cup. So, when he retired, it was a sad day. But to fuck around and come back to the NFL again, and be all shady and end up on the jets and now at one of the packers’ arch rivals (second only to the bears)? What a douchebag. I don’t know what his fucking problem is. I can’t and won’t compare this situation to vick, though. They’re completely separate and on two entirely different levels.

smussyolay said...

p.s. i just don't know that i think we have to allow them to bring their guns to rallies where the president is. i just don't.