Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's Tuesday!

Do you guys know what today is?

It's TUESDAY! It's Ask the Hixx!

What are you pondering this week?

Health care?


Something is going on with Brett Favre, would you like to ask me about that?

How about your mom is driving you crazy, how do you remove the annoyance?

Want to know about Aragorn?

Want to know how I met John?

Throw me some questions, I'm feeling open and non-judgemental, let's get this thing rolling!

Ask away....


Erica said...

What's going on with Brett Favre?

But seriously, here is my question:

Why does anyone like Art Brut?

smussyolay said...

why were people arrested for wearing anti-bush t-shirts to rallies and we* will not do something about people bringing semi-automatic weapons to town halls?

i don't think this is a good idea and i don't think we should let people bring guns to town halls. the second amendment says you can bear arms, but not necessarily at a rally. i don't care what NH and AZ say. just like the first amendment guarantees speech, but not saying you want to kill the president.

i think the president gets special treatment, no?

why won't the government do something about this?

smussyolay said...

*i don't know who we is. i'm not really in a position to do something about it. but i feel like i'm part of something bigger that is not doing a very good job right now.

rebar said...

I'd like to know why more folks seem to be more pissed that Favre is back in the NFL than about Michael Vick being back in the NFL. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy?

Julene said...

Why has it seemed like Thursday since last night?