Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I'm sitting here quietly, dog at my side, pouring rain outside, lovely Sunday.

Yet I must stand up in roughly twenty minutes, put my tour cap on (you should see it, it's bedazzled) and heat out into the pouring rain to give a tour to some poor wet souls. Must remember to pack umbrellas. Any good tour guide would.

I'm feeling so melancholy today, in a good way though. You know those quiet moods? Like that.

We went to the A&W show yesterday and it was great. I usually can't take crowds but this one I'll allow it! And I will admit, because I was on the lookout, that there really was a lot of military/recruitment talk. But somehow it just doesn't bother me. Listening to the announcer is the freakiest part because he really sets the stage for what any one specific plane does:

"Right now Pilot Frank is tilting his wings, this allows him to get close to the enemy and drop his bombs!"


But, I live in a happy world of denial and to me, just watching those guys fly around is excellent. And the beach is excellent, and the dogs, and the babies and the grown men staring at the planes like they did when they were kids.

I also watched The Happening. And I'm mad, because Marky Mark really fucking blew it. There were parts of it that were incredibly creepy and disturbing and then MM opens his mouth and I just started to giggle. What a doof. But I like M. Night movies (LOVED Lady in the Water, fantastic fable story) and thought this one could have been a lot less silly if they hadn't cast it so poorly. You have to work hard to make Zooey Deschanel look like an asshole.

Tonight I think we're going to watch Wall-E (that's my vote anyway).

I still am working hard on my "lightening up" I have just been taking everything way too seriously lately. Anyone have any lightening up hints?


Michael, Chicago IL said...

Wall-E is THE most delightful film I've seen in years. I hope your choice won the day.

Hixx said...

Ack! Still haven't seen it, but we have it, it will be watched soon!