Monday, July 13, 2009

Young Girl

During this move I promised myself one thing regarding my exercise routine. I would at least ride my bike to work and around and anywhere as much as I could. Since we cut our cable, I don't have my regular Jillian Michael workouts. I also knew just moving would be enough.

But this weekend was all about getting back on track, and I was really good about riding my bike almost every day. We ate horribly, but that's kind of par for the course...but I knew it was time to get back on it, I was serious about not losing the muscle I had gained these past few Jillian months.

So Saturday I went running for the first time in awhile and my handsome husband had downloaded a bunch of Jillian stuff onto our Netflix/Xbox thing. I go into to try some of these Jillians I had never seen or heard of before and whoa! Crazy.

These must have been from like 8-10 years ago or something, Jillian is YOUNG, so young and so giggly and her body is totally rockin', but she's all shmoopsy and laughy and it's really weird! I could see where she basically got her SHRED exercises and the basis of that. These workouts are HARD, so hard, much faster than the Shred workouts and longer and it feels like ever more aerobic.

It's just so weird to watch her not being her "tough" self. I see the future Jillian in there, but she's just not nearly so grown up, not nearly so serious and she's just beautiful.

Anyway, it felt good to get back on the running/Jillian train and back to regular (somewhat) schedule. Everything around us is still so silly and so up in the air, but dammit if I get off my Jillian schedule.



Erica said...

Oh, that is so interesting. It would be weird to see video from me from 10 years ago to see how much I've changed with every experience. That must be odd to have your career/life be filmed, and not as an actor.


Anonymous said...

hat must be odd to have your career/life be filmed, and not as

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