Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few things

1. I've started reading Fellowship of the Ring. I'm really enjoying it. I think I tried it once as a younger lady and got frustrated. Although so far, I'm not confused at all. Yes, I've seen the movies but I couldn't stop looking at Aragorn so I'm still not sure what happens in them. Heh. And maybe I'll start getting confused, but so far, I'm right on track.

And I really dig it and here's why: a lot of scienc-fictiony books are so...presentational. If I read Necromancer, it's all cool and stuff, yes, but it still feels like an imaginative persons idea of what that world would look like. There's no part of me that believes that world exists really. But Tolkien, he's fantastic at giving a "history" of this world. When I'm reading it, I believe totally and fully that this was a history that happened long ago and he's just retelling it. It's amazing. John keeps warning me about the council of Elron, but I'm a pretty good skimmer when I need to be, I'm not worried.

2. I'm looking for another part time job again. My job is fine, but I asked them for a raise (I'm not making much, really, not much at all, like a high-school kids salary) and they can't give it to me. Now that I'm doing the 2nd City tours, I'm going off unemployment (yay!) and I need a little more for my work work. So...I'm looking, if anyone knows of any part time work I'd love to know! Office work preferably.

3. 2nd City tours start Sunday!! I think my first few tours will be a little light on people, but I'm okay with that. They just started marketing it to concierges, etc and sending out press releases (PRESS RELEASES! FOR MY WORK, too cool) and that will give me more time to get it just where I want it to be. John is planning a trip to the Half Shell for afterward...woot!

4. John is making cheeseburgers for dinner, I haven't eaten since my fruit salad this morning. This is why marriage is a plus. Food.

5. That's it.

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