Sunday, July 12, 2009


Let's just preface this Sunday night blogpost with the fact that maybe I've had some drinks...okay then....

We were supposed to go camping this weekend. I was very much looking forward to camping. John and I have had a ... rough month. What with the moving and kidney stones and work and non work related spasms, it's just been a hell of a month. Camping was going to be our release.

Unfortunately our puppy came down with conjuctivitis (spell that when you're shmappy, no, seriously, go ahead...try it) and although puppy is just fine, he couldn't stay with his dog friends this weekend, so alas, home we stayed.

I was upset for awhile, pretty upset, until my handsome husband showed me the way of the staycation. So Friday I did my PEEVED show which went very well, I suggest you come see it, we're funny. I came right home afterwards, just mentally tired. We watched TV and whatnot and went to bed.

Saturday I slept in. Let me repeat, I slept in. I slept till about 10, which hasn't happened in this house for many moons. Then I got up and went running, which again...not for many moons. What with the move and all I've been riding my bike like a maniac, but that's it. My run felt great. Then home for Jillian. More on my latest Jillian moves tomorrow, but suffice it to say it felt great and awful. John and I ended up having lunch with one of our greatest friends who we never get to see and then took a three hour nap. A three hour nap. Then we got up and went to the Folk and Roots festival and watched fireflies dance upon summer lawns. Beautiful.

Today I got up and ran again, jamming to my tunes and did some more Jillian. Then we went to Chinatown for dim sum in a convertible. Um. yum? Came back to our house, had vodka drinks on our pretty new porch and then met some friends back at the festival. I drank some more beers and ate a hot dog and sat on a blanket and giggled and laughed and thought about Thailand all weekend.

What a great staycation, secretly, oh so secretly, I'm kind of glad we got to stay here...we slept and rested and saw old friends and ate well and drank well and enjoyed our new place and our pink-eyed dog.

Tomorrow, back to work...a week from tonight the first Second City tour will have been given...EEEK!

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