Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Today I go to the walkthrough to finally finish in that apartment. Man, moving yourself in every way is hard! But good. A true replication of our marriage, we've each done the thing we're good at, we've each helped each other out with the things we're not...and that is beautiful, lovely even, except I NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. You know, just to be clear.

I also need to tout our sketch show! Sabrina is in the director's program at Second City and her final piece, her dissertation as it were, is a final sketch show she directs. There are 6 of us who wrote it and collaborated and on Friday it goes up! FRIDAY. I'm very excited and I think we're pretty Come to the Skybox on Friday nights in July at 7:30 and come see us be funny. Our show is called PEEVED and it's all about pet peeves, so you should all find something that makes sense to you.

Tomorrow night I have karaoke, Friday I work on the tour, Friday night = show, Saturday is a day filled with friends and sunshine.

I really do love the 4th. It's a holiday your are meant to spend with your friends. I like that. I also happen to be quite patriotic (oh if you could have seen the argument I got in with two Brits in Chiang Mai, oh to watch the Hixx lose her mind with impatience and ignorance) and I love vodka lemonades, hence, my love of the 4th of July.

John and I have been holding out for this weekend forever. It marks the end of this move, it marks the beginning of a great summer and it's a beacon we've been aiming for.

And I'm damn close. I'm so close to the 4th of July I can smell its B.O.

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rebar said...

"I love vodka lemonades, hence, my love of the 4th of July."


Nothing says summer to me like a well mixed V&L.