Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fantasy vs. Dream

Thank you to Waflen and John for being the first two to ask a question! Very brave. You have done well.

I asked my co-worker to pick a number, either one or two,that was the scientific way I came up with to pick which question. VERY scientific.

My co-worker picked #2.

"how would you explain the difference between fantasy and dream?"

Well, I fantasize about Aragorn leaving middle earth and coming to real earth and saving me from all of my first world problems. I dream about winning a million dollars. Totes diff.

K, partially kidding.

The difference between a fantasy and a dream I think, is that fantasy seems like an almost unreachable thing. Fantasy is unrealistic, unattainable. Dream seems to me to be something you can actually see yourself doing, something you can reach for and actually get.

Even my silly example up there is kind of true, my fantasy is about a fictional character coming to life and saving me from myself, my dream is (although with great difficulty) something that could actually happen.

I think we use fantasy to take us away from the realities of life and we use dream to improve the reality of what is already here.

First "ask the hixx" is out of the gate! I hope we're all working hard on our questions for next week...

When did I start sounding like a schoolteacher?

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