Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ask The Hixx

Okay, we're starting something new on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

They are now "Ask the Hixx" days.

On Tuesday, you can ask me whatever you want.

You can ask me how I feel about Darfur, or you can ask me which one of the three are my favorite brothers, you can ask me trivia about the civil war, you can ask me if I felt truly loved by my parents, you can ask me my thoughts about architecture or television, or missile defense, or advice on how to dump your boyfriend, you can ask me anything.

Ask me a question in the comment section on a Tuesday and I think the way I'll do it is to roll a die (or two if you guys get really nutty) and answer the one that comes up on Wednesday.

I will do my best to answer the question in question.

You have my word.


wafelenbak said...

I'll bite. :) What's your *own personal* approval rating of President Obama at the moment?

alcott said...

how would you explain the difference between 'fantasy' and 'dream' ?