Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Diary

I've been so diar-etic (hee) with my blog lately. Where are all of my philosophies and grand thoughts?

I'm not sure, but I think it's just a matter of getting through the day to day now. I mean, things are going well for me right now, I'm enjoying it, it feels like all of this hard time was to get me to this point and these opportunities, but John and I still live very much day to day in this house. In some ways that's good and in some ways, well, it'd be nice to think about the future some too.

Hence, diar-etic.

I'm very much getting used to living on a different time schedule. Weekends start meaning less and less as my schedule changes. I like working for a few hours at work and then biking over to Second City for a tour. I like racing home to get to a friend's show, I like working on a Sunday afternoon. My time isn't so regimented anymore, even though more minutes of it are spoken for.

Also, I'm really starting to be fascinated by the TV. We don't have cable and we don't have an HD antenna yet, so we're just watching movies and old tv shows on the XBOX. I'm much more likely to not watch TV, to read (almost done with The Fellowship, man, who is this awesome Tolkien fellow?) or work on tour stuff or play cards with my handsome husband. What I most notice is the quiet. It's much quieter around our house, it's weird.

I feel like I have a place I'm heading now, an idea not fully formed, but that I'm definitely going the right direction. It's nice.

Now what I really feel like I need to do is loosen the fuck up. I've had my shoulders hunched up around my ears (except for 3 weeks in the land of smiles) since I lost my job. Now, for the good of my tour, for the good of my husband and for the good of my life, I just need to relax the crack.

Such a lady, I know.

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