Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waking up at 5AM

That's what I did this morning, woke up at 5AM and didn't really get to sleep till about 12:30 last night. That's half the sleep I normally get. Pooh to that.

So today I've been feeling quiet and some days I really dig that. I really dig that on days that are rainy and cold. As much as I wish for summer to come to our fair city, today's dark and cold theme is most welcome.

I once read Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore. I should read it again. But one thing I always took away from that book was to follow where your instinctual emotion leads you (within reason of course). If your soul is light and happy, go with it. If your soul is sad, give it attention, feel it so that you can let it go.

Today I feel quiet and my fair city has given me a perfect day to enjoy it. No moving in the rain, our packing tape ran out, we have no newspapers to wrap or pack anything. I have some tour work I can do and that's nice quiet work, my blog, playing on the internet, these are all things that fall well into my mood this evening. Also the knowledge that the rest of my week is packed, tonight is a great night to give my soul and body a rest.

Too bad there's not some special Survivor meets America's Next Top Model show on tonight.

That would be something...

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smussyolay said...

if you liked 'care of the soul,' which i loved as well ... may i recommend 'the spirituality of imperfection' by ernest kurtz. it's rad. i'm reading it again.