Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City of the Century

I'm very excited!

There is a wonderful book about Chicago called City of the Century . It's one of my stalwart books. I've read it over and over depending on what I need from it. They also made a PBS Documentary which is just fantastic. It is an extremely easy book to read, it reads almost like a story. I remember when I was first becoming a docent I would read it all the time, over and over, trying to figure out how the easiest way to explain certain ideas and thoughts. I showed it to John last night, its all marked up and highlighted, those little "Oprah" tabs sticking out of it everywhere.

It is well-loved and well-read book.

The man who wrote it is speaking tonight at the Chicago Architecture Foundation! YES! About Burnham, YES! And it's sold out and I already have my ticket, YES!

So today I worked my part time job, worked on my tours, worked on moving stuff and now I go to my lecture and ride my bike home with my new bike light my handsome husband brought out to me in his socks this morning.

This is more like it people.


rebar said...


Just wanted to say that.

George said...

I think a much better book is Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West by William Cronon

George said...

Cronon's website -

Hixx said...

Me too!

And George, I love Nature's Metropolis, just finished reading it for the 2nd time. That is one intense book.

I like them both, City of the Century for being an easier, more pleasurable read and Nature's Metropolis for really digging in...