Monday, June 15, 2009

Poor little blog

That post from last Thursday seems like so long ago I can't even remember who I was last week. Oh yeah, I was a person who hadn't started moving yet. Blerg.

On the plus side of moving things, our apartment is SO pretty. We both like it better than the one we're moving out of. Every time I walk in there I just look around and comment about how pretty it is. Pretty. Also, we're able to get in now, so we've been taking two loads a day. And this is FAST. We're literally moving a block away, so we load up quick, take it over quick, unload it quick and come back for one more, not even an hour out of our day and it helps move this thing along so quickly. It pleases me.

And, John is very strong, this helps the spastic and graceless wife.

This upcoming week is a mixture of Second City work, sketch show work and getting ready for our yard sale work. Yes, we're having a yard sale. I've never had one, I think it'll be fun. John has requested that Sabrina and I do the work of the yard sale (drinking coronas and listening to tunes and watching people pay me money for things I don't want anymore) while he does a bunch of actual moving. This seems like an idea skewed more for my pleasure than John' I'm all about it.

I can see why my blog lags these days, I don't have things to lament (we still have no money, but this is boring), I'm just moving, exercising and working.

I think back to the days right before we went to Thailand. John and I were BROKE, so broke, not even a few was so cold outside we spent a whole night running in and out of the house seeing if we could freeze bubbles (we could) and neither one of us had anything to work on, we had nothing to do. We would spend each and every day in the house, on the computer, watching movies over and over again.

And then today, we're working our asses off, lots of creative things, not enough time in the day and the windows are open and walks with our dog are plentiful and I'm just so relieved and happy, that although we're not any richer than we were 6 months ago, our lives our immeasurably richer and that, for now, is good enough for me.


gennnna said...

you're having a yard sale? they are my obsession, let me know the deets plz. we are having one later in the season for our wedding fund. i estimate we will make approximately $17.

Hixx said...

It's on Saturday, I'll post the details! I know, I think 17$ would be a total party.

Jennifer said...

i definitely want to know the details. thing is, i should be selling stuff not buying stuff.

oh, crap. well, you know who this is.

jdg money

Anonymous said...

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