Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Do I do the thing I want and make less money or put my head down and make more money for something that my makes my tummy nauseous just thinking about it?




smussyolay said...

full disclosure. i SUCK at money.

but i truly believe -- do what you love and the money will follow. believe in abundance. don't make yourself sick. MYAY!

Kate said...

Do the thing you want! You'll figure out a way to make things work financially.

Julene said...

I would rather do what I love with less money, but I also know that I freak the hell out if I don't have insurance or enough money, so I make a compromise.

Erica said...

Do what makes you happy. If you love it, that is worth more than $$.

Though it sucks that you won't get what you want financially, y'all are working so hard already at spending less and cutting back, that you will make it work. Think about where you will be in 20 years, would you rather have fond memories of a job you love or resentment towards being a part of something you don't feel in your heart?

I say, take the risk!