Thursday, June 04, 2009

Passion Aggression

IMPORTANT: Please remember that I am the guest star (stowaway) in THEMS this weekend. If you were ever thinking about going, this is the weekend to do it. And we'll all go to the Town Hall after, and that will be a riot, so please come!

On to the rest of it, I like how I ask a question on my blog (you're all very sweet for answering) that I phrase in just the exact right way for you to all give me the answers I was looking for. I mean, who was going to come on and say "I think you should not follow your heart and follow money instead. Probably my brothers...heh.

Anyway, I think I am going to follow the heart and do what pleases me. This is what this whole time since I was laid off is about and if I give up now, when the opportunity presents itself, well...that would mean these past months have been all for waste. If if I was just going to go back to work I should have done that 6 months ago.

So yeah, we'll see what happens, I'll fill you all in as it presents itself.

But thank you, it does help to hear that people you respect and love want the best and I would give the same answer to all of you right back, because I believe it with my whole heart.


alcott said...

regardless of your recent entry, here were my thoughts, had i written them when i had the time..which i havent. A) all of your recent discoveries would be for naught, should you take the safer financial route.
B) dont underestimate the mental security of having enuf money. (sorry..devils advocate.)
C) you still have the energy, and are young enuf, to bounce back to security should your other route prove
to be fruitless.
D) one life. just one.

I am at Thems saturday night. altho the 'lads' all have to work.

Big Hig said...

I'll see you Saturday night.

I say take the money.

Hixx said...

Ha, the boys weigh in...

Julene said...

Yay! I admire your choice. Best of luck and take over the world...