Tuesday, June 02, 2009

False Message of Lethargy

I know I kind of gave up I'm So Hot Thursdays, again, my life isn't that structured anymore and it shows on my blog, so ISHT is out and talking and writing about it when I feel like it is IN.

I am now about 2 pounds away from weighing the least I have in my whole adult life (I really had to struggle there to not write "the skinniest I have been" it just sounds icky). I've kept 2 pairs of pants from when I was my lightest (again, skinny...stupid word)because I love these two pairs of pants and I am just a pound or two away from not busting out like June in them.

Certainly spring helps. I'm doing the Jillian Michael's SHRED series about 3 times a week, I go back and forth between Shred 1 and Shred 2 because they're both hard I think. I've also thrown in a No More Trouble Zones once a week as well. I'm doing cardio about 6 times a week depending on the weather and husbands kidney stones. If it's raining or I'm really wiped, I'll do the treadmill, otherwise I'll run for about 25 minutes (sometimes longer, but usually when I'm a smooch hungover, which is weird) before I do my Shred, or I'll ride my bike to work and do the shreds after that. I also try and ride my bike to my mom's in evanston at least once a week. That's about a 16 mile ride total and I do that because it's good for my brain.

And I will say that I owe most of it to Ms. Jillian. I realize if I was doing pretty much anyone's workout video 4-5 times a week I would see a difference, but I can't imagine anyone else could hold my attention for these past 2 months I've been doing it. I think a lot has to do with the variation, but also that you can do the Shreds as a weakling and change it as you get stronger, so it's always a challenge. And I just can't put my finger on why I love her so much or why I'm motivated by her, but it has something to do with her not bouncing around with her ponytail swinging...this girl gets down to business and she ain't letting go.

I've also been really happy the past few weekends that I exercise. There have been some beautiful Sunday mornings where I go out for a run in the crisp spring air and I get the heart pumping and get the hangover waning and it just feels so good.

And of course, it is never a chore to ride my bike, not ever.

So I'm feeling pretty good, and honestly, I haven't changed my eating habits much...I still have my cheeseburgers and cookies, but I'm okay with that for now. We got a lot better about eating well when we both got canned (it's expensive to eat shitty food believe it or not), so I'm trying to just stick to my plan. I will say, when John works late and isn't home for dinner, I eat A LOT worse, because I'm lazy.

So there, Jillian Michaels.


Erica said...

More than one person has recommended Jillian to me, so I might have to pick one up. I mean, every time I watch the Biggest Loser, I find myself lifting weights and doing crunches, so she is doing something right.

And holy wow on those Half.com sales!!

Hixx said...

I'm telling you, Jillian is the nit (that's short for shiznit, you like?). I really do credit her for my bod lately.

I know! We're rich....! Not.