Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coupla things

We saw Up. We loved it as much as everyone does. We were discussing later though that we didn't have many thoughts after it, as soon as we walked out of there it was a little lost in our thoughts. And in no way is this a criticism, it's actually a compliment. The story was so whole, so complete, we were left wanting nothing, needing nothing, it's like having a big, delicious meal that leaves you perfectly satiated. Loved it. And man, did they get the dog stuff so right on I can't believe it.

We Will Rock You is the single best running song to have ever existed ever. I think I might have even laughed out loud with joy while running.

The best show on TV as far as I can tell is "She's Got the Look" about the over 35 models. Love it. Pure, clean fun.

Things are really moving for me these days. The 2nd City tour is on it's way after a few bumps. I'm really happy about it and really glad to be working on it. There are only a few things that really get me motivated to work and learn and this is one of them, I can't wait to do more, learn more, find out cool things...I will talk more about this in the future.

I'm doing the sketch show for Sabrina's directing program at 2nd City, this has been a lot of fun. One of the reasons I gave up doing shows was because I really never liked rehearsals. They always seem to get in my way for some reason, but for this show we're having rehearsals on Friday nights, weird time, but we have a ton of fun and it's fun to be a part of the process. I'm enjoying it a lot.

The move is happening! OMG. Our apartment is just gorgeous, it really makes it easier to move when you're moving into a great place. We have no money for movers, but we can start moving our stuff now, so we can make a few trips a night and by the time we're ready we'll just have really heavy stuff for our friends to move....heh.

So it's busy, I'm busy, and it feels delicious. It's about time.


Bart said...

Agree completely on UP. Every time Pixar outdoes themselves, I think, "Surely, they can't do it again." But they did. This script is so wonderful; charming, sad, funny, robust. A very well written, animated and voiced piece of work.

On another note, go see The Hangover. Surprisingly VERY funny, mostly because the casting is excellent. Some sophomoric jokes, but utterly forgivable.

Hixx said...

I totally want to see The Hangover.