Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movin' on Up

Well, we're two days away from the big move. Not that it matters, we're moving everything ourselves anyway, but by Sunday, we will be out of our apartment and into our home.

Power position is working well, however I'm wiped today! WIPED. I DON"T WANT TO MOVE ANYTHING ELSE. But alas, we do still have stuff to move. But we're really getting down to the big stuff now. We're hoping on Saturday we'll only have to move the big stuff, that hauling of boxes up and down the stairs has already been done by us, we will only have to saddle our friends with big chairs, big couches and beds and things. Not bad.

But I can't take any credit really, John has pretty much done this whole move on his own. I've helped carry a box or two (or 1,000) but John has packed pretty much the whole house, organized what's getting moved when and has carried all the things I'm way too lady to carry. He's awesome.

And today I just didn't have it in me, we haven't been sleeping well (heat, mixed with moving energy) and I've been riding my bike every day to work to make sure I get my exercise in (I think Jillian would be okay with me lugging boxes up and down the stairs as my strength work) and today I just couldn't find it, couldn't find the motivation. Lucky for me, John was willing to do the heavy lifting of all sorts today.

I really do think that is the beauty of having someone, yes it's nice to cuddle and to smooch and to have someone to talk to, but the real beauty is having a partner who can take over for you on the days when you just can't do it.

Now we're on a break, off to a mythical place my brother wants to show me, a thai restaurant on the it real? Could it really be real?

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