Thursday, June 25, 2009

Signing off...maybe

I have no idea when I cancelled our internet or our cable. I think it might be tomorrow, I'm not sure. So I can't promise when I'll be on the ole blog again, bear with me, I know you're all waiting with baited breath.

So Farrah Fawcett huh? How sad, yet maybe a relief for that sick woman.

I remember my gay brother as a young young man, coveted the poster, the Farrah Poster. He loved it so much my mom made him a Farrah/Birthday cake once. I've been hearing of other gay men who adored that poster, I love that she was so iconic.

And Michael Jackson? no. I always had hoped he would have found some kind of peace before he died (not that he's of yet). But that one, that one's going to hurt. My goodness that man has led a life of pain and strife. I never did believe that Jackson was a pedophile. My theory was the man was way too far gone to even have a sex drive. My guess is he liked kids, maybe even cuddled with them, or slept with them, or spooned with them, but I can't even see him pulling it together enough to have sex with them, or anyone for that matter.

Just a theory.

So I do know our internet is supposed to be hooked up in the new place on Tuesday and I'll be back at work on Monday anyhoo, so I can always update.

But wish us luck, it's finally here...time to move into our new HOME.


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smussyolay said...

funny you should say that, margaret. cause i had this moment yesterday after reading some comments on someone's facebook about the kid stuff and i thought ....

he was really fucked up and all, but i don't really know if he molested anyone. i just don't know that he had it in him. i think he really might have been really caught in some weird state of childhood himself. that he never, ever left.

i heard various clips of this and that on this tribute show on the radio last night and one of them really made me think that. just like you said. that maybe he smussed up on these boys, but not sexually. and ... maybe the boys came home and told their parents and then that's when it went all to shit. the parents smelled money and got some more details and twisted them up a bit. i don't know this and i'm also not trying to belittle anyone's experience ...

to be honest, i never followed it. i never heard what the boys actually claimed or their testimony. when that was all going on, i was so saddened that he had gotten to that point, that i just tuned out. but, i can go to that theory at least.