Monday, June 01, 2009

June the 1st.

Okay, bokay.

Update: John is much better. He passed a second stone yesterday at work, how crazy. It seems like he missed a lot of the sickness of the first one, we're waiting to see, but he seems okay. And his toe is DISGUSTING but much better.

Speaking of marriage, it was really gross and fascinating to see the actual stone, like a little crumb of food now residing in a krazy glue container. Something to remember when I'm someday scrounging around for krazy glue.

Hopefully though, the stone game is over, the only one who won is Walgreens, who got to charge us full price for the vicodin.

The dog is all curled up by my side. He's so cozy.

Speaking of Remo, I experienced for myself one of my dog's crazy character traits. I was in a rush yesterday and was on the phone while I took Remo down on a walk. It was a quick call and I was off in about 2 minutes.

And Remo will not walk when I'm on the phone. He won't. He stopped at the head of the stairs while I had to pull him down. This is a dog who is always up for a walk, always. Even when I was off and we on the walk, he still was all pissy and after a lot of love and attention he finally started to move again.

I guess he does this to John a lot, and John has a blue tooth thing so he walks and talks more than I do.

Remo knows full well what priority he takes and it cracks me up. My dog ain't no dummy.

And now he's got the hiccups. Hee.


Anonymous said...

Olive will be totally crashed out and quiet on the couch next to me...or in the other room - but, the minute I make a call, she'll get up in my grill and want to play ball NOW.

And she'll bark her fool head off if I ignore her.

Repeat. She will get off her sleepy ass just to antagonize me, while I'm on the phone.

Outside though...there's too many squirrels, smells and people to waste that energy on me.


Jennifer said...

dude. that is some funny shit.

in re: drugs. do you guys have a costco card? i hear they gots some cheap ass scripts over there. just saying. and if anyone wants to go IN on a costco card, i think you can get two cards for one membership price. i THINK. let me know. cause i'd like a card.


hope you guys mend up soon.

J aka S

Kate said...

I am so glad John is feeling better. Kidney stones are so awful. I had some a few years back that were misdiagnosed -- all the doctors thought I had a UTI (even though the tests came back negative over and over again) or that I was a hypochondriac. The lovely ER doc even suggested I might have an STD. All they did was give me medicine for the pain, which didn't help much when I passed a stone on Thanksgiving and missed turkey dinner. I hope John is always able to eat turkey and stuffing!

Hixx said...

I think that's so funny about the dogs and the phones. They definitely know where they stand.

Thank you Smuss/Jennifer

And thank you Kate, I can't imagine being misdiagnosed with this, we were pretty scared when we didn't know what it was! Ugh.