Monday, May 04, 2009

Us and Thems

Okay, so where did we leave off? Me asking for help with naming the tour company? That could be it. I've had a lot of good suggestions (chicago for real, sight lines) but so far I think the one I like most is from my handsome husband. Chicago Elevated.

It's neat on a couple of different levels and I like that. I always like companies that use words like "insight", because it means a couple of different sight, insight, INsight...ha, you catch my drift.

I've settled into a slower motion with this company, I still want to do it and believe I will do it, but there are some important questions that need to be answered between me and my handsome husband and I gotta tell you folks, now just isn't the time.


They all had their tech on Sunday, a long day. Plus we had stayed out giggling after the Bee was over (what a hilarious evening, a bunch of improvisers, and Smuss! doing bits and making up words till they realized there was 140$ at stake, then things got serious real fast, until they got ridiculously silly again, it was a fun night with the Playground family, really fun) and everyone was exhausted after the Bee.

But I have to say, THEMS is going to be the best time. Truly. The cast is unbelievably funny and talented, John has made the most excellent props.

THEMS is basically a takeoff of Aliens and Body Snatchers. It takes place on a space ship about 150 years from now. From watching these movies all our lives we all know the beats, the things that happen (stowaways anyone?) and the cast of THEMS is taking this satire DEAD SERIOUSLY. There are no "bits" allowed. No funny. The hilariousness comes from them playing it straight and it is a riot and so thoroughly enjoyable. It is directed by the beautiful Rebecca and she ain't lettin' anyone get away with their usual bits.

It opens on Saturday, 10:30 and I can't wait to see the whole thing all at once.

Here's a scary poster:


smussyolay said...

can i say that somewhere in this life that i consider myself an improVISer as well? although i haven't done it in a long while and i don't have anyone to play with anymore, it hurts my soul a little to be set apart from the "improvisers." :(

however, i will say this ... i have had the phrase "brotha (edited for, well, obvious reasons) ... you're creepin' 'round the wrooonnng house" stuck in my head since the moment it was said. and it's a hard story to convey properly, especially since it *didn't even happen to me.*

p.s. i know you didn't mean anything by it ... i just miss being a part of all things performance. stupid double-time.

Hixx said...

Nah, I mostly said it because I wanted to give you a shout out, and also because those were all Playground people, not just improvisers, but improvisers from the PG.

Girl, once an improVISer, always an improviser.

smussyolay said...

i know. i just had to claim it. being around people who are actively playing always makes me realize i need to be playing. sometimes, i just feel like the reason i need to be independently wealthy isn't JUST so i don't have to work, it's so i can just do all the creative stuff i want to do.


my cat is really cute right now.
thanks for the shout out.