Friday, May 01, 2009

It's Good Around The House

Last night I hooked with some besties and got my northside ass to Wicker Park. We went to Evil Olive to see this very cool thing, and it was very cool, and it was very nice to hang out with my friends and laugh and talk and pat each other on the back for various jobs well done.

At Evil Olive they had probably...12 artists there, local artists, and they were sketching. They would make these cool sketches and paintings and then stick them up on a wall and charge almost nothing for them, some things were free ("take this dollar bill and give it to someone who needs it") some were 1$, some $10 and then I think the highest we saw were $25. But it was SO COOL. The way it worked really created this anticipation, we would walk over and see what was finished, lots of things sold quickly but then within 20 minutes the artists were done with something new and put that up on the had to keep going back to check if there was something new. And as soon as we walked in we wanted to buy something, to support, to own some original art and we could because there was something for every single price point.

It was really fun and inspiring and we all bought our art. Mine is a cool, modernist simple black and red design and at the top it says "It's Good Around The House" it's so neat. And it is good around the house. I got the artist to sign it and gave him my $10, he was honestly pleased and it was just a good thing all around.

I needed to get out of my head a little bit and the laughing and the art was just what I needed.

Today I'm going to work on the "stuff", read some of the links you guys passed on and just get stuff started. Yup, I'm starting.

Oh and if anyone wants to try and take a stab at the name of this thing, that'd be great! No "Hixx Tours" or "Margy's Tours". I want something cool.

We were thinking maybe Chicago Stories but #1, website is taken and #2, it sounds a little too folksy.

Happy Friday!


Kate said...

Did you just use the word "besties"?

I'd love to see a pic of the art you bought!

Happy Friday!

Freddie said...

How about "Chicago for Real"?

Hixx said...

I did say bestie! Oh man...

I kind of like Chicago For Real, that's cute.

Hendo said...

Here's one... "Onion Field Tours."


"Chicago:Word History: People from Chicago ought to like onions. The name Chicago is first recorded in 1688 in a French document, where it appears as Chigagou, an Algonquian word meaning "onion field." In explanation of this name, the document states there that wild onion or garlic grew profusely in the area. The name of the field or meadow was first transferred to the river and then was given to the city in 1830."

Hendo again said...

Or maybe "Wild Onion Tours."

john alcott said...

" Sight Lines"

Hixx said...

Thanks guys! Hendo, thanks for Smelly Onion. Heh.

John! I love Sight Lines! That's a good one!

And wait until I tell you about my "cornice line" joke.

Best. Musical. Ever.