Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So what's going on in our house? Many things and no things at all...

First off, good for JT, I'm glad he won. I'm surprised Stephen got no votes, I found that odd, I thought he played a really good game. Second of all, I'm SO glad we're back to a final two. Third of all, they should make it so the million dollar winner can't win the favorite money. That sucks. That's why they have the favorite right? Boo.

I'm working out hard, doing the Jillian, running outside again. Yesterday I was so bored with my "Shreds" I did the Trouble Zones routine. Yeesh! When I first started doing these I started with the Trouble Zones and couldn't even get halfway through. I still couldn't finish the trouble zones, but I got a LOT further. And today I am hurting so much, when I walk it looks like I pooped me pants. Definitely incorporating that back into the rotation.

I still work at my part-time job and that's great. John is freelancing and working sometimes and not working others. I'm getting really good at living day to day, week to week. I tell you, it's hard for someone like me. I definitely live in the future and it's just not possible right now. We get through each month as they come. But we're still paying our bills, still paying our debt, so I count that as a success.

What will we do next? We're...talking a lot, about a lot of different options. I'm still waiting to hear on so many things (tour possibilities, our apartment situation, etc) and we have one huge decision left to make and until we make it, it's hard to move forward with long range plans.

We're supposed to move by July 1st, our rent is outrageous. We knew it was expensive when we moved in, but oh by golly we were rich then! It will be a relief beyond the heavens to get out from under this huge expense. It's a possibility we might be able to stay in our place, but even if we can't we're both ready to move.

THEMS is going strong, I start rehearsals this week for a sketch show, I'm excited about that.

What I'm really working on (AGAIN) is not worrying about what other people are doing and how much money they have or don't have, not trying to wish myself into another lifetime, but to accept and enjoy the one I'm living. Sometimes a watcher like myself has to stop comparing and just .... gah, I don't know, enjoy it.

And Adam is my idol, in case anyone's wondering. Heh.

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Jamie said...

I get in the same wishing rut. Especially when it comes to money. I always remind myself that all the best music and food were invented by poor people.