Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, those few things I have been waiting for have come to fruition. One really good, one not so good but secretly really good.

Which one do you want first? The really good news?

In the month of June I will be researching, teaching and giving Second City tours! YAY! This is the best thing ever. Second City used to give tours and they just never quite went anywhere. But they are being revived and revised by yours truly and they will be ready to go by July. I'm extremely excite about this and have been working on working on this for a long time and I just got the word today. So, I have a lot ALOT of research and interviews to do and I need to get all kinds of info about Old Town and Second City and it's just going to be awesome. It's a marriage of the two things I'm really good at, comedy and tours.'s money! MONEY!

Which leads me to my next thing, John and I will be moving on July 1st. Our landlord just couldn't go as low as we needed.

And the sketch show I'm doing opens July 3rd.

As of yesterday I had nothing going on, as of today I have a really crazy month ahead. Bring it. I've been sitting on the couch long enough.


Wendy said...

Yeah girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!

Hendo said...

Way to go, Margaret! That's super awesome!

Let me know when you start hiring, Business Mogul!

Hixx said...

Thanks you guys! Can't wait to start!