Sunday, May 17, 2009

All bases covered

Man, what a great weekend.

Friday I spent a romantic day with my husband. Saturday I spent a hilarious day with my friends, today I spent by myself. A little bit of everything.

AND, today is Survivor SUNDAY!

What do I want? Not sure, I think I want Stephen, he really came through as a master manipulator and I really thought he was going to be voted out quick. I love JT, but he's almost too goody two shoes for me, plus, I think Stephen is going to do his best to get JT out of the game, Stephen knows if its JT up against him, Stephen will lose.

I'm excited.

John had another great THEMS show last night, they were more relaxed and they were all just freaking hilarious. I'm so proud. THEMS rules and there's just no denying it.

AND, AND, AND! At the ripe old age of 38, I have figured something out about myself that can change my whole future: I have figured out what my drinking limit is!

All these many years it just never dawned on me to count my drinks. Go figure. But seriously! And after that really rough whiskey weekend a few weeks back, I didn't make the regular promise of "no more" but did make the promise to really be mindful of how many drinks I have. I've done my calculations and went out Friday and Saturday night, with next to no hangover. I love it, today I got up and ran, I rode my bike, I went to the store, I did the laundry, I cut up some strawberries, made some iced tea, walked the dog a few times, played with the dog downstairs, cut up celery...

You mean, I can still go out and have drinks and get a *bit* shmappy without ruining myself the next day? REALLY?

Here it is:

3 beers and one shot
3 mixed drinks

and if I am drinking mixed drinks and do a shot (come on, John's got a show running, people do shots, it cant be helped) then no more liquor at all.

Aren't I so grown up?

I figured out how to get drunk! YAY ME!

If anyone needs a life coach...


smussyolay said...

dude. you rule. seriously. you prove to me that in certain respects, there is such a thing as "normal." i'm not it, but that's cool, too.

everybody --- double time!!

Hendo said...


Thank you and John so much for coming to my birthday bash Saturday night. It's always great seeing you guys, but now with everyone so broke, it doesn't feel like I ever see anyone anymore.



Hixx said...

Ha Smuss! Am I normal? I guess that's a good thing!

Fun party Hendo, good times! Happy birthday!