Friday, May 29, 2009

Stonewall Jackson

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days in our house. Yeesh. At least you can't say we're boring.

We found an apartment! yay! we saw that a place down the street was renting and we walked by over Memorial Day to check it out. We peeked inside and it looked so pretty, so Chicago, built in everything, hardwood floors, porch, backyard...and the additional "basement room." Well, this did it for my handsome we went to actually see it and damn...our new apartment is pretty. It has 2.5 bedrooms, a full dining room, full living room and this mostly finished room in the basement. Do you all know what this means? It means I get my own little office! MY OWN ROOM! whee. So the new apartment is bigger and prettier than where we are now and it's FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER A MONTH. My goodness.

So we put our deposit down and my husband, who has been having weird gassy pains for a few days, completely goes down the tubes yesterday morning. I was at work and John was just in so much pain. We have catastrophic, temporary insurance so I told him to go to the CVS clinic place (thank god for these places, seriously) and he just got worse and worse. The CVS sent him to a regular clinic and poor John is throwing up, in so much pain...I left work to meet him at the clinic and it was such a "married" moment, walking in, worried, telling them my "husband" was there, they rush me in and turns out John had a kidney stone that he probably had just passed. They gave him a shot and some vicodin and sent him home. Then we rolled around the bed, puked for hours, my husband in so much pain. It was awful. Just awful. Then around 7PM he felt better, had a little wonton soup, woke up this morning and feels so much better.

I have never had them and John has never had them before and we were both really scared. I'm really glad it's over and very grateful to have my vital and handsome husband back. Really puts things into perspective.

So hopefully we'll have a quiet weekend of packing and stashing and stowing and tossing.

Love you babe.


Erica said...

Kidney Stones are ASS. I have had a couple of hospitalizations because of them--aren't they a bitch? First the stomach pain, then the puking and skaing and it comes and goes and hits you out of nowhere! I am so sorry he had to go through that. Now, I freak out and take lots of precautions at any stomach pain I have.

I wish him a speedy recovery and you both strength!

Erica said...

oops, that should read "shaking" not "skaing."

Hixx said...

John really digs the "ska" portion of the kidney stone.Hee. That makes me giggle.

Remember how uncomfortable he was at Moodys? The onset...

alcott said...

what a nightmare (and what a hysterical blog heading). i hear kidney stone is the worst pain. my sis was in the hospital dealing whith that. cant believe john did it alone and at a clinic. tough man.
well and he sharing kidney stones together..honeymoon is over im thinking. ha.
stories for the grandkids...or, remos grandkids.
Hope he has mended and is all ok now.!!

Erica said...

Yeah, poor guy. I feel for him completely.

When I had my first one, I called my parents and dad was like "be glad you aren't a guy--the stone has a lot longer to travel. Of course, some of us have a lot longer for it to travel."

That might sound creepy, but I assure you, it was hilarious.

smussyolay said...

holy fuckballs. that's terrible. i thought you were going to say it was appendicitis (sp? double time?). damn.

the trumpets during the ska portion should make it somewhat more bearable, i hear.

are you still in the 'hood?