Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Tuesday

I'm working a full day at my job today, it's fascinating. How do you all do this every day and still get stuff done? I'm so confused.

So, the final ticker to my artsy weekend occured yesterday with the viewing of "Every Little Step" the documentary about auditions for the revival of A Chorus Line. So great, Sabrina and I hopped on our bikes to the Musicbox, where I haven't been in forever. What a great movie to see there...if you're in the big theater. We got shoved in to the smaller theater with about 20 other gay men and little old ladies.

As soon as we sat down the gay guys next to us warned us they might be singing and dancing...that's a good sign.

It was so much fun to hear the history of Chorus Line, how it was written...the writer pulled about 20 actors together and sat them up for 24 hours, telling their stories...and so many of the lines and the songs were taken directly from these transcripts.

And it's so much fun to watch the audition process and to start to pick people out. Chorus Line is so type-specific (black, young, old, tall, white, short...) and I know it SO well Sabrina and I had fun picking out the people. We were pretty right on from the beginning.

It was just a fine ending to a lovely artsy weekend. Oh my mind is spinning with possibilities, my heart is aching trying to patient and my body is crying from No More Troublezones.

That's where I'm at.

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Michael, Chicago IL said...

This is on my must see list. Thanks for the blog prod, Hicksy.