Thursday, March 12, 2009

Willis? Really?

I had a whole blog post ready for today that is now going to have to wait till tomorrow.

The Willis Tower? COME ON.

If you don't live in Chicago, or you're not on Twitter or Facebook (but just so happen to read my blog) the Sears Tower will now be called the Willis Tower.

Willis is a big huge old insurance agency and believe me, I am so happy someone is moving into Sears Tower and giving the city money and all those things...

But my little heart is broken.

When I first heard I think I started with the first stage of grief: denial - "well whatever, no one's going to call it that anyway, what difference does it make?" Then I got the official word from the Architecture Foundation (as far as I'm concerned they are the end all be all of being "correct" on things) that all docents must start calling it the Willis Tower.

Well...I'm not calling it that. I'm never going to call it that. You don't call the Chrysler building by another name (is Chrysler still there? who cares) you don't change the name of one of the most important buildings of all time. I know there are a few buildings in Chicago that have changed their name, the United Building changed their name (I think just from the number though) I mean, that makes sense, I get it.

But Willis, are you renting the ENTIRE Sears Tower? No? Then you don't get to rename it.

Willis Tower, my ass.

I think I've moved on to Anger.



Michael, Chicago IL said...

What chew talkin' 'bout, Willis?

wafelenbak said...

I work near what used to be the Bank One plaza. And then Chase took over, and apparently it is now the Exelon plaza.
I just found this out yesterday. I've been calling it Chase plaza for years!

Kate said...

It's just like Marshall Field's. I will never call that place Macy's.

Willis used to have offices on the same floor as Boylston at 10 S. LaSalle. There was a guy that worked there that irritated me on the regular. My dislike for Willis started many moons ago. :)

Are they really going to paint it silver? Or is that just a rumor?

rebar said...

The most annoying thing is that is isn't like the PAID for naming rights...they just "gave" them the naming rights as a bonus, since they are now, officially, renting the most space in the building.

My only solace is knowing that people will find a nickname that confounds the owners and annoys them to no end.

For instance, I know of NO one who calls it U.S. Cellular Field.

It's "The Cell" or "The Joan."

Nobody (except the media) calls it "Cloud Gate."

It's the Bean.

So it won't be called The Willis Tower.

It will be something along the line of, The Todd Bridges.

Hixx said...

I really don't mind the name change of a building. I don't even really mind Macy's, I mean, I don't like it, but they BOUGHT Marshall Fields, so they change the name, that makes sense.

But Willis didn't BUY the Sears Tower, they're just renting space.

And I've heard that rumor about painting it before this whole Willis thing.

If they try to paint that building silver I will stand in front of it in protest. My lord.