Friday, March 13, 2009


It's been a really nice week I have to say. I gave my 2nd City tour, John got a bunch of freelance work from the place that laid him off (he is brave and magnificent for going back there with his head in such a good place), my friends are having good weeks and the weather is starting to turn...all good things.

But today what I really want to talk about is Friday Night Lights.

I waited forever to watch the episode that made everyone cry last week. I knew it was about Street, who has never really captured me, but everyone said "I never knew I cared so much about Street before." And I get where they're coming from, it was a pretty fantastic episode, but you know why it was? You know what Friday Night Lights is all about right?

It's about Riggins.

Now, the Street episode from this week was all well and fine, everything moving along, but it didn't get really rocking until it was Riggins who came up with the idea to go get the other football player to the new manager. It was all about Riggins in his denim coat wandering around NYC.

And then, the final moment that came upon all of us, that elicited so many tears, so many unexpected tears, is NOT when Street's new lady tells him she missed no, the moment of tears came when they showed the shot of Riggins watching the good thing happen.

That's where the tears came, that's where the tears always come.

Remember when Coach told Riggins he was honorable? Remember that?

I've figured it out, Friday Night Lights is all about Riggins.

Happy weekend everyone!


wafelenbak said...

Glad you guys had a good week! I meant to comment earlier this week that you & the hubs keeping your heads up high is wonderful encouragement. :)

rebar said...

Hysterical. I just came to that same ephiphany this week.

I can never remember that actor's name, but I love the way he delivers his lines. Kills it every time.

Part of me hopes they'll kill the series when he leaves for college. Instead of making it "Saturday Night Lights" or "Saved by the Bell: The Next Riggins."

Hixx said...

Thanks Waflen, it's nice to have things moving forward rather than backward (or is it forwards rather than backwards?).

Rebar - hilarious, that guy should get an award. You never really see the FNL people out, with their girlfriends or anything, you see coach and Connie Britton at the awards show, but never the kids. They're not fame hogs. It helps make the show so much better, Riggins can remain Riggins instead of realizing he's some dumb actor having a bromance with Brody Jenning.