Monday, March 30, 2009

This too is passing....passing out of my ass


So okay, the weekend was fun! we had such a good time, we had a surprise dinner party for Sabrina on Friday and one of my dearest friends came in, my friend The Izzo. I've talked about Izzo before but just recently John and I were discussing whether to call him my "guru" might be a true statement. He's a wonderful friend of mine and Sabrina's and she didn't know he was coming in. So Friday we just sat with my friend Dori and Dan and Dan and drank and ate a delicious shrimp boil John made and it was lovely. Old homeweek for Sabrina's 40th

Saturday we all piled in the limo and (13 of us!) and scooched through time to Medieval Times, it was cheesy and fun and silly and stupid. I will say I thought the food was really pretty good! No utensils, you have to tear everything apart with your hands which is strangely satisfying. Afterward the limo dropped us off at the Town Hall for shenanigans, the night ended with a pretty shmappy Sabrina eating bacon egg and cheese sandwiches at 3 in the morning. Ahh.

Sunday we didn't move. Seriously. We stayed on the couch all day. Wonderful.

And today I went to work for a full day! A whole day.

I won't go into the deep depression that this whole day elicited from me, the annoyance of wasting my whole day inside for pennies, the trek home with all the other working sheep, the ease into which I can fit in a whole days work...I won't go into it because I know it will pass...that right now I sound like a whiny rich girl who isn't getting her way, but there is a voice screaming in my head that the "full time job" is not the answer for me. And that my insides are doing their damndest to make sure I am aware of this, and will work to change it.

We'll see if Gossip Girl is better tonight, that'll make me feel better.

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