Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, I feel much better than I did yesterday. That's a plus.

I had a promising meeting today and hopefully it will lead to more promising meetings that actually get to a point where I could write in my blog about what the meetings are about. Hee.

John is continuing to work as a freelancer at his old job and is bringing home the bacon. Man, I wish he was bringing home actual bacon.

We have a really fun weekend coming up. probably no blog post from me tomorrow.

It's Sabrina's 40th birthday! We have plans tomorrow night and on Saturday we're all meeting at 3:30 to get in a huge limo. Once in the huge limo we will all be traveling to Medeival Times to watch some jousting. After jousting, we are going to the Town Hall to drink and be merry. What a riot.

We have family coming in over the next two weekends and summer is coming. Things are good, we are lucky, I am lucky, I must remember gratitude.


Julene said...

I totally did Medieval Times for my birthday once - so fun. Make sure you get Sabrina a flag that all the knights can sign. Ha!

Hixx said...

We didn't get the flag, but she did get knighted, that was pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...


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