Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah Yeah, I know

So I'm sitting here in the office, been alone most of the day, watching the rain fall.

And of course? I'm feeling so much better.

It helps that my husband is brilliant and sends my mind to thinking of the cool, positive things I can do, instead of me getting lost in my own head.

Plus, I got a paid tour gig today, heyo! That's a pretty nice feeling.

I felt badly all day yesterday about my post, about calling 9-5ers "sheep." I really did. I think some people thrive on a 9-5 and it gives people structure, and if you happen to be getting paid alot, and nice benefits, well...you have that over me for sure.

I've never been a good 9-5 person, never. Every job I've ever had I've had because I thought I was supposed to have it, now at 38 years old and being stuck in a precarious position, I find that maybe I'm cut out for a different sort of existence, maybe one with less security, but again, a 9-5 these days doesn't necessarily constitute security.

AND, I felt like I need to defend myself a little. I complain a lot about how I don't want another 9-5, but I want the blogosphere to know that I'm working hard on that plan. I'm not just sitting around complaining about it, I am actually doing something about it....it's just....it's taking a little bit, and I'm impatient.

But I have a plan and I feel like, to some degree, my plan is becoming actualized and I just need to keep my eye on the prize.

This again, is where brilliant and handsome husbands help. Everyone should get one, seriously.


Erin said...

I didn't take offense, being a sheep myself. I thought you were taking some literally license and providing a visual context to make your point! That said, those of us with 9-5 (in my case it's a bit longer than that) have found careers that we love and that operate within that time frame, and operate incredibly well. I'd be happy to be more loosey-goosey with the schedule if I thought I'd be equally successful but experience has taught me otherwise. I've had a more casual schedule and it didn't work for me, and my personality is much better suited in my current job.

So all that said, you don't need to apologize for doing the EXACT same thing, which is finding your footing. I don't apologize for not being able to consult full-time, even though it meant being with my dog all of the time and naps in the middle of the day if I wanted! It wasn't for me. I sucked at it.

You find what makes you happy, lady.

Erin said...

And that should have read "literary license." I'm trying to do three things at once. :)

Hixx said...

Thank you Erin.

That's the thing, we all find our niches and what works for us and it takes all types.