Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny that....

So, we found this sort of long lost cousin. It's my dad's brother's daughter. Our first cousin. My dad and his brother were not that close I don't think, so it just never really occurred to me that my Uncle John (my dad's brother) would have children. But he did! And my new cousin lives about two miles away from my brother in New York state, very odd.

Anyway my brother met with her and that's all well and good, but it got me thinking about my dad. It's been 20 years since dad died (my GOD does that make me feel old)so although I think about my dad, I don't really have concentrated thinking time about him unless stimulated to.

Quick backstory in died when I was 18, my first week of college. I had to leave rush week and go see my dad and say goodbye. When I got back all of my new sorority sisters had moved my stuff from the dorm to my sorority house...just nice of them. Anyway dad died like the day I officially started college...weird time.

My parents also divorced when I was really young, so I never knew dad all that well anyway, once a week till he moved to Arizona when I was in high school, then once a year...

One other cool thing about my dad....a very cool thing....he invented the game Simon. The one with the lights you have to mimic? that one.

So anyway, my brothers and I have a few pictures and things from dad. He was a very smart man, but a very simple man with no such need of many material possessions. So there are just a few number of pictures now of my dad. And I know every one of them. I mean, there's probably 10 pictures of my dad floating around and I just know them so well.

When my brother met with our new cousin she gave him this one, my dad is the one on the right:

It's so weird. It's a new picture. There are new things to look at and study. Do I look like him at all? Do my brothers? Is that what he really looked like?

It's just neat and weird to have this new snapshot to look at and try and figure out.

It's too bad he didn't live longer, he would have LOVED the internet. He was ahead of his time.


rachelle said...

omg. seriously? that was our favorite game!

Erica said...

Oh wow, Margaret. Incredible. You know, that is something that I have been grieving--the fact that there will be no new pictures of Dad, so this gives me hope that one day there will be new ones. Of course, I hope I can handle it with as much grace as you have.

I think you look like him.

smussyolay said...

dude. i don't know if i've read this here before, but simon? man. really? that game RULES. i love/d that game. i mean so much. i was so good at it, too. but at some point, simon always bested me.

i even have a little mini simon on a keychain that someone gave me.

i was just telling some people how cool you are this weekend (not kidding, i really was), but you just keep piling up the coolness, lady. simon. that's awesome.

Hixx said...

I keep thinking I'm going to get a "my dad invented Simon" shirt. But there seem to be more important things to do.

And yes Erica, it was a really nice surprise and amazing how much I still studied that pic.

Smuss, just wait till I really pile on the cool...ho boy.