Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Okay, so feeling a little better than I did yesterday. A fun night at Pub Quiz (come on and check it out guys! Tuesdays at 8:00 at The Hidden Shamrock on Diversey and Halsted! It's really fun!) a little American Idol, a great sleep on new pillows and I feel better. This too shall pass right? Right.

It's starting to get a little busy around here, suddenly (and thankfully) there are all kinds of things for me to do: play with my camera and learn how to upload and edit video, start pulling together things we're actually taking, trying on my summer clothes (HA) considering I weighed almost 10 pounds more when I last wore them, see friends for dinners and drinks and things.

Now we're starting to get into it yo.

So that's good, we've been sitting around so long staring at each other.

My mom told me yesterday she wishes we were going on a cruise so we could just stare out at the blue water and not do anything. I told her that's the opposite of what we need! What we need is to go out, work, be hot, be tired, fill our minds, see the world. The last thing John and I need to do is more sitting and looking at each other.

Not that I don't like looking at my handsome husband, but with the snow and the cold and the lack of funds, we spend much of the day together as it is. This is lovely no doubt, but we need to integrate additional stimulus into our lives.

Which is why I leave in a half hour to go see Revolutionary Road.

I love Leonardo.

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