Thursday, January 15, 2009

ISHT-I'm So Cold Edition

I paid attention to the weather forecast today and am happy as a clam to be sitting in my house working on Thailand stuff. Screw outside, who needs it.

So, yeah, not really hot today.

So I'm down ten pounds now. It feels good I must say, to know that the hard work is paying off. What is astounding me now is how much work it takes to actually take the weight off for petes sakes. I work out almost every day now for at least 45 minutes, some days I push it and work out for an hour and do arms and abs for twenty minutes a piece which means I'm working out for about an hour and a half a few days a week.

Do I really have to keep this up? I mean, my lord, its hard!

But I try really hard to remember my Buddhist teachings, that Americans especially don't really know how to be "uncomfortable." So I try to let myself get all sweaty and tired and not be pitiful about it, but a day like today was rough and I didn't want to do it, but no doubt it makes it easier now that I'm seeing actual results.

I just want to be strong for this trip. I want to be able to climb stairs or mountains. I want to be comfortable with sweat. I want to make sure there are no physical limitations that keep me from seeing what I want to see.

Im getting there.

On a side note, I saw Revolutionary Road yesterday and DAMN. Wow, what a sad movie. What a sad movie about marriage. What a sad movie about what we give up for each other, what we should give up for each other and what your spouse is really saying when they ask for something. Winslet and DiCaprio were awesome of course. Just...thank god John and I are going to Thailand. I came home and asked him 50 times if he was happy....really happy or just "safe" happy. I think he was perfectly happy when I got home but tired of my eternal questions after I saw the movie.


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