Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Goodness

So, I'm sitting here and its 1:30 on Monday afternoon.

We leave on Friday at noon.

I am freaking out.

I'm freaking out about money, we will be mostly broke when we arrive home from this trip. Granted, we have a couple of things that will come in while we're away, but yeah...

I'm freaking out because we really have almost NOTHING to do until Friday. Yes, we have packing and making copies and things like that, but it's nothing I couldn't finish up today if I needed it to. I'm actually trying to stretch it out.

I keep looking at the clock, waiting for the minutes to tick down. I could walk the dog again, or find the new season of The Real World, or stare at my feet...

I have two free movie passes, I think I may use those tomorrow.

We had lots of good discussions with our friends this weekend. My lord are they all in a different boat than us. Our friends are busy, life, work, creative endeavors. They're burnt, done, ready for vacation, deserving of vacation.

We however, are trying to go to sleep more to make the time pass.

I'm making us out to be way more pathetic than we are, but still...I'm really just trying to drag this blog post out, because once I'm finished, there's nothing to do.






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