Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

You know, I felt better last night after my childish blog rant of yesterday.

And then, well, today...it's hard to be in your head and complain about how long days take before you go to Thailand. Yeesh. Do I still have some things to learn or what?

Anyway, on this great day (heeeeee!) I wanted to say something about friendships!

Yesterday I was so scared and in my head and selfish and silly...a friend of John's came over for a bit and then I headed out to dinner with my friend DGold. I was so in this horrible place, and then John's friend came over and he's just this really nice, mellow, easy-going guy and it was so nice to just hang.

Then I went to meet Dgold and she got me traveling presents (puzzle book! Cards! Gum!) and she was so sweet and so fun and just took me out of my head.

I was saying to John it's like how Cesar says on the Dog Whisperer, when your dog gets in this overly-focused place, you have to just kind of give 'em a little kick, a little "something" to take the dog out of that space of energy. Once the dog lets go of whatever he was so focused on, you can move on to teaching him the right things.

It's weird, but that's how I felt yesterday. If left to my own devices I easily could have swaddled in that crap I was feeling, but my friends were the kick I needed to get out of that space, and once out, I could see what an icky place that is to reside.

Anyway, to this day and to the ones after it, to the people urging us to work hard, to volunteer, to help...I'm in. Count me in.

President Obama.

How fantastic.


Mental P Mama said...

Amen. And, amen.

rebar said...

>>and it was so nice to just hang.

Since you've brought it up, I had a fantastic day yesterday, just hanging out with my friends, eating potluck, drinking mimosas and watching the pomp and circumstance.

It made me realise that just the act of hanging out is an elixir to soothe the savaged soul.

Yea for friends!

Have a safe and AMAZING trip.

I've never been more jealous of a trip - to travel abroad the week Obama takes over? I can only imagine what you guys are about to crack into.

Kisses to you both.

Hixx said...

Thank you to both of you!

Rebecca, seriously, I'm so thankful for my friends.

When are you coming to pub quiz? We kicked it last night...you guys should come.

I want to see you!