Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow. What a wonderful day yesterday was. And again, I am excited for the work to be done and am excited for my own responsibility in it. Enough said, now lets do this thing!

So John and I are still kind of sitting around waiting, but the waiting is acquiring a new energy. We're starting to get excited now. I seriously cannot express to you how happy I am that Obama is our president while I travel far away from home.

In just a bit we're headed out to see my mom to say goodbye and then my handsome and hilarious (and lactose intolerant) husband is taking me for deep dish. I've been craving deep dish for about two months now me thinks. So tonight, before the onslaught of television that is Wednesday nights (John just got finished moving everything around for Damages, Top Chef, American Idol and Lost), we are going to Lou Malnoti's for pizza.

Deep. Dish. Pizza.

Say what you will, but some of us need to do what we need to do before we leave for the jungles of Thailand.

Pizza and the best night of TV will help us get through these last 24 hours.


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wafelenbak said...

I wholeheartedly support the pizza plan before you leave! But if handsome hubby is ingesting? I highly recommend some Fast Acting Lactaid. You don't want deal with the results on a plane!
Have fun tonight, and safe travels!!