Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First I would like to thank those of you that are reading the nanowrimo novel. That really does my heart good, I can't tell you, thank you. The first one I wrote I never went back, but when I went back to read this one I felt really good about it and really left it as is. There was hardly any editing, no re-writes, no nothing when I went back to it and I really wanted it to stand as I had written it the first time. So...thank you.

And I got an early xmas present from my husband (I swear its really difficult for me to stop calling him my boyfriend, he is still my boyfriend right?).

John got the nanowrimo novel to lulu and got me actual copies of it as A BOOK. It is SO NEAT. I want to read it again now that its an actual book, it makes me feel so professional or something. It really touched me, but that is why I married him.

About to go book the hotel for Bangkok!

Pub Quiz tonight!

No temping today!


I've already made some phone call, worked out on the treadmill, fell on ice walking the dog, played in the snow, ate a healthy breakfast, received my xmas present and worked on the travel site. Ahhh....unemployment.


Julene said...


did you buy your thailand tickets yet? free tickets to be had....

Hixx said...

Ack! we already bought ours...how ridiculous!

smussyolay said...

is it available for purchase? you can make it available for purchase and stuff ...