Thursday, December 18, 2008

ISHT - Since you've been gone Edition

Well, it's been a long time since ISHT, I don't know what happens except that I forget its Thursday cause I'm not working now! Ah, the days don't mean so much anymore, except I still love Sundays, hoo doggie.

So, I've come back inside, no more running outside of course. We're still waiting for our new insurance to kick back in and running and breaking my arm on the ice is not exactly fun. So, I'm inside on the treadmill and working it hard.

I don't run on the treadmill really, I find it extremely uncomfortable and like I"m doing it wrong, so I and high.

I have my itrains and I still love them, I do one every time I'm on there and am always amazed by how hard I work and how fast the time goes. And, in the world of good news, I've lost about 5 pounds. I think a lot of it has to do with switching up my exercise, walking extremely fast and walking uphill use totally different muscles than running. But, my intensity is up as my excitement for Thailand grows, each time I think I can't go anymore I keep thinking of Chiang Mai and elephants and how ain't no one gonna stop for a farang that can't keep moving. So, that helps and definitely makes me go fast and faster!

So that's fun. We've also cut out a lot of chocolate in this house. It's painful, it truly is, but that is an extra 200-500 calories I can put down at 11:00PM that I"m just not doing right now. I know it helps, but oh my goodness gracious do I miss me some chocolate. I think secretly John's trying to drive me crazy...

So, things are good, its nice of course to have the time and the treadmill, but its still a mental game I play with myself to actually get myself up there.

Strong like bull!

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