Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow, I'm so hot. I'm so hot I'm sweating. So hot I'm sweating in between my boobs.

Okay, not so much, DANG GIRL, it's cold outside. I just don't understand why Chicago has to do this to us, not only is it freezing outside, but that dangerous thin layer of ice is killing me. I walk to my temp job (last day today, taking it much easier by the by) and it's about a mile walk and I almost died 85 times today what with cars not being able to stop at stop signs and me almost falling and dying and Remo almost falling and dying, there's just no way to tell a dog to be careful.

So yeah. It does make me really love my fellow Chicagoans though, I see them all wrapped up, we're all experts tights under my pants are saving the day. My Suzie is the only thing warm today.

We had a really lovely weekend, me and my warm husband. There was much merriment and much work (, don't forget!) and just general niceties.

Today is my last day at the temp job (four more hours!) and I have nothing lined up for the forseeable future.

So today I'm working on not freaking out, because even the worst temp job gives me some security about what's going to happen, but I continue to work on not worrying about what the world thinks is good for me, but doing what I think is good for me.

One more thing: Could people please stop making commercials where you change the human body? For example, the phone commercial with the talking thumbs, the XBox 360 commercial with the people with holes in the back of their heads and whatever the commercial is for that makes the guy run really fast...please, I find them disturbing in my sun-starved state.

Thank you.


Erica said...

I agree!
That hole in head commercial with the freaky looking readhead woman seriously freaks me out. Agh!

I love me some Hixx.

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! I feel the same way about that commercial!! It freaks me out! How do you know me so well Hixx?!

Also- I'm almost finished reading your book and.... I LOVE IT!! More! More novels from the Hixx!!