Monday, December 08, 2008



So, today was a day of me! I'm temping this week and thought I'd take today and do some nice things for myself. It's easy when you're not working to slip into "a little too dowdy" so, I needed to get on the ball.

I spent my morning sleeping in (amazing how late the dog will sleep when you don't wake him up at 6:30AM)and then got up and did an hour on the treadmill! AN HOUR! I'm telling you people, is the way to go. No way I could do an hour without it.

Then I made some phone calls did a few personal things and headed out to see Twilight. Right before I left though I kept reading about Slumdog Millionaire and how everyone kept telling me to stop doing all the dumb things I was doing and to go see this movie. So once I actually got to the movie theater I changed my mind on Twilight and saw Slumdog.

What a lovely picture.

It really is a wonderful movie, full of rich detail and good old fashioned storytelling. The acting was fantastic, the story is amazing and the shots of India are heartbreaking and heartswelling at the same time. It's quiet and intense and no sense of pretensious bullshit.

Then I went and got some more personal stuff done (hello faxing at the FedEx! and went and got my haircut. Now I am a new woman. Fancy.

Tomorrow I temp, Thursday and Friday I temp, hopefully no one will be throwing up in the office.



wafelenbak said...

You're about the busiest little temp I know. Hooray!

Mental P Mama said...

Don't you wonder how you had time to work full time before this?

Hixx said...

yes Waflen! it's nice, I'm definitely not complaining, unless its about the doctor's office!

And Mental P, you have no do people do it?