Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Life After High School

So yay! the kind of temp job I was looking for darnit!

Nice office, internet access, nice people, slow phones. Love it!

I've spent the day working on my nanowrimo book. I've fixed the spelling errors and most of the grammatical stuff, but changed very little of the book. I'm really proud of it and it took me forever to go through and just change those things. It's a pretty scary, slightly violent story (not till the end though) and I've made it so its public on google, so if you choose, if you want to, you can go read it! YAY!


I'll post it on the side too, so if you ever want, you can.

It is so nasty in this city right now, and I don't say that that often. And my bottom hurts from this chair, but overall, the Hixx is pretty right on today.

Rest of the afternoon spent learning more about Thailand.


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