Friday, December 05, 2008


Oh thank goodness, the doctors office job is over. Now, looking back on it it was not such a bad temp job. Nice people worked there, it was fairly easy work, certainly nothing wrong with the place, but oh thank goodness its finished.

It's very weird walking into someone else's job for just a few days, its very freeing because you don't have to change anything or think about anything, but its also very constricting because you basically have to learn to work the way the other person works.

Like this particular job, the files were MESSED UP. So messed up, they were shoved into the bookcase, some sticking out, you couldn't find some because they were shoved way in the back, sometimes I couldn't put a file back because there's no room...I wanted to rip the whole thing down and start over.

Plus, the puking children and sick people and no internet access. Silly doctors.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back! I love the internet.

So I temp another place next tuesday and another place next thurs-fri and mon. If I keep getting so much temp work I might have to start another blog.

Basically 8 weeks till thailand, and as long as we can get our asses into Bangkok, we're going.

Chaing Mai.

Ahhhhh Chaing Mai.

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Michael, Chicago IL said...

Promise me one more dip before you head off to the far east!